25 July 2015


Double Ring Necklace - Cheap Monday // Frame Wire Face Tee - Ichiban // Neoprene Stripe Joggers - Zara // White Leather Sneakers - Zara // White Watch - Casio // Leather Backpack - New Look

Despite being a monochrome sort of boy, which I try to reflect in the photography on my blog, I couldn't resist uploading some pictures of when I visited this hidden little gem called Plantasia this week. Disregarding the rather embarrassing name it actually was full of some beautiful plant and animal life, including avocado trees and even endangered monkeys. I took hundreds of photos but I thought I would save you all the up close pictures of giant cockroaches as my face is probably scary enough for you guys haha.

Something I've been experimenting with recently is the concept of not wearing black skinny jeans everyday *puts hands to face and screams in horror at the concept*. No, but seriously for a boy who may as well have skinny jeans super glued to his legs for the past few years the thought of wearing anything else would have thrown me into a meltdown in the past. These neoprene Zara joggers however are kind of amazing and with the monochrome stripe detail and slightly cropped length they have actually been pretty easy to build outfits around. 

Not like you can tell via my lack of tan in any of these photos but I spent 10 days in Ibiza last month and lets just say, every thing you have ever heard about it being the most insane party island in the world is 110% true. At least I can check coming home from a night out at 8am off my non-existent bucket list I guess.

Oh and if you wonder what else I have been doing in between blog posts I update my Instagram and Youtube a lot more frequently!

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