10 May 2015


While thinking of a title to name my posts I usually look through a list of words I've had to look up while reading a book in bed. Looking through I remembered 'Malcontent' -adj. 1. not satisfied or content with the current or prevailing circumstances and felt this more than fitting after the outcome of the general election after my first ever voting experience this week.

In other news, I very recently purchased this amazing silk look bomber jacket which I have been lusting for after seeing it on Instagram (you know the feeling) and have been obsessed with locating and buying it. I also recently decided to try a curved brim baseball hat after years of wearing flat-peaks. I used to think curved brims were a trend reserved for American dads who go and watch their son play baseball until I've been multiple bloggers I follow reinvent the style.

I guess it's true that trends are always on a cycle and as soon as something goes out of style, it reappears only years later. Lets all pray to god those diamond-encrusted tight muscle t-shirts stay in the fashion graveyard forever and are never resurrected. 

Bomber Jacket - H&M // Long Line Sleeveless Jumper - New Look // Double Ripped Jeans - DIY // Monochrome Trainers - New Look // Silver Band Bracelet - ASOS // White Baseball Hat - Ebay


  1. I'm loving that bomber jacket! ♥

  2. Obsessed with the bomber jacket! x


  3. The photography is so sick - love how your outfit is minimal but the silky jacket stands out and gives it an edge
    Feel free to check out our latest post x