26 November 2010

actual pain for vice

I don't tend to blog about certain clothing companies/designers but i when i realised Vice had done a recent article about one of my favourite t-shirt companies i had to. Incase you don't know, Actual Pain is a clothing company and blog with a very tight relationship with current 'witch house' music genre. Basically some really bad ass clothing worn by some bad ass musicians.

In the article they interview TJ Cowgill, the creator of the brand (pictured above) about his clothes and their inspirations. One thing he said i found very interesting.

Is the devil and the occult played in fashion?
It's getting there, through no fault of my own! Seriously, it's been around for a while, it rises up and gets stepped on and disappears for a few years then pops back up again. It's the nature of the occult.

Above are my favourites that they currently sell, including the 'witchcraft hotline' t-shirt which i am currently begging santa for. Please santaz, hook me up.

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  1. yes!! i hope i get one for christmas too.
    and i love your blog