13 October 2010

Halloween Inspirations

For a while i have been pondering what to 'go as' for halloween. I mean its not like i will even get invited to a party but that doesn't stop me from getting all dressed up right? Above i put together a little collage on my polyvore to try and give me some 'inspirations' and i decided what i wanted;
  • Satanism
  • Black
  • Shredded T-shirt
  • Studs
  • Inverted Crosses
  • Silver/Black Jewellery
Yeah so basically i will be channeling my inner 'Wednesday Addams'. I have already spent about 5 hours shredded my t-shirt and it currently is coming along nicely. So yes, anyone wanna sacrifice a few virgins or something with me for halloween? Or even better we can get wasted and eat junk food together.