30 September 2010


Basically been begging my mum for weeks to get a little kitten. At first i wanted a black one but as soon as i saw this baby i fell in love, obviously. She is only 6 weeks old and basically the best thing in the world. Had to convince my mum i would be 'happier' if she got me it. Of course she thinks i'm some depressed angst ridden teenager, little does she know i just think she talks shit twenty-four seven.

Ps She likes to attack acid washed things and dance to 'single ladies'. COULD SHE GET ANY CUTER?


  1. awwww that's adorable! I'm so jealous.

  2. are you sure it's a girl? I thought only boys can be red.

  3. She is definitely a girl! Although most (75%) of ginger cats are males, you can get females too!