7 May 2010

this is me.

So the other day while looking through my blog i realised i haven't posted any proper pictures of myself in a while, lately i seem to post music and videos and little else. So for all my new blog followers and everyone who is curious (nobody I'm sure), this is me:

Wearing my DIY bleached and studded denim jacket. That reminds me i really want to attack the sleeves with a cheese grater. I may even do a post showing the before and after of the jacket if i get time this weekend! Oh and don't you just love all my revision post-it notes currently covering my wall? 

Anyway i hope you all have a nice weekend! I know i will with revision and no plans. *sigh*


  1. WOW! i love your vest/jacket! You did a really good job with the bleach! I DIY bleached a pair of jeans, but it didnt turn out half as good as your jacket. how did you get such a contrasting patchiness? it looks really profesh. and how did you stud it?

  2. beautiful vest :)i love it