12 February 2010

T-shirt Heaven!

1& 2. Your Eyes Lie   3. -   4. Christopher Kane   5. Asos   6. Diesel   7. Topman   8. American Apparel   9. BR.UNO   10. Christopher Kane   11. -

Incase you didn't know, i have a major t-shirt obsession. I actually own very few graphic t-shirts but i have a folder full of over 400 images of t-shirts i like on my desktop. (A little crazy i admit). I decided to put them into good use and pick a few of my favourite and share them here on my blog! I guess it's kind of my little project, whenever i come across a t-shirt that i can't just let disappear into the black-hole that is the internet, i find myself saving it. Enjoy!

PS. Rest in peace, Alexander McQueen.


  1. The your eyes lie tee is so sweet. The perfect tee is just a must, I love having a tee that can just be worn with jeans an still look amazing