21 January 2010

when it snows.

I always find it so difficult to choose what to wear when it snows and i usually end up wearing something purely for the purpose of taking pictures, so these pictures are no exception.


jumper : vintage/pvc&denim : h&m/boots : next

Like i said, not only do i suck at choosing clothes for appropriate weather conditions, but i also suck at using my tripod and taking pictures without my glasses on which doesn't make me have a lazy eye. OVER IT. Now all the snow has melted anyway and i don't know why, but each year i get more and more blasé about it. You realise that after building snowmen and having 5 second snowball fights, their is little else to do, or maybe i have just grown up? Oh and i wore those jeans out today for the first time, the amount of looks i got was beyond counting, mostly middle aged women who think they are the shit, rant over. 

Im sure you ALL want to know how my exam went because you all LOVE ME SO MUCH AND READ MY BLOG DAILY. ;) Well it went better than expected anyway, guess i will have to wait for the results!

Time to watch more reality TV and read "the virgin suicides"!


  1. I love the pants and the photos really inspired me.
    I follow you!


  2. uhg, I just wrote a comment saying I thought you where very talented. and it didn't go through. I don't want to type out a long response again. So I am just going to leave it at, "I'm impressed. Nice work."