8 January 2010

Snow days!


Click the pictures to view them on lookbook!

I just thought i would share some outfits that i have been wearing, since Wales has suddenly got like 11 inches of snow over 3 days. But hey, I am not complaining. 3 days off school has been a nice little extended christmas holidays! So here are 2 of my outfits which i wore while it was snowing, each time i felt rather under-dressed and like my fingers were about to fall off!
Anyway i hope you all had a nice christmas and santa brought you what you wanted! I got a shiny new computer and some lovely clothes which i'm sure i will show you all at a later time!

P.S Here is a picture of my friend in the snow that i took today.


  1. i love your outfits.amazing
    i already hyped and commented on lookbook

  2. found u from lookbook and thank god i found this blog. cool clothes, cool pics, just what i want from a men's fashion blog.

  3. totally ff u! loove the shirt and yer blog.. cant wait to read more posts!