18 January 2010

Sjaak Hullekes - Small Town Boy

I don't think this video could make me fall in love with a collection anymore than it already has. The simple black and white vintage feel, and that music all work together so so so well. Seriously in awe of this right now.

For more information on Sjaak Hullekes click here. I am now going to revise for my psychology exam which i have at the end of this week. Can't wait till I'm "free" after it, seems like ages since things have been normal with all the snow and exams and holidays. I just want a good old routine! Or maybe I'm just weird?


  1. Wow, what a great video. And you are not weird, I like breaking routines, but if you breaking all the time you don't have routines anymore. Okay I'm weird.

    IIRO WHO?.

  2. ooh joost vandebrug, i discovered him just yesterday... i'm in love with his work!..