26 January 2010

Josh Rouse - Love Vibrations

shoes - vintage, jeans - topman, scarf - primark, chunky cardigan - h&m

Today i woke up and started walking to school, i was at the end of my street when i realised. I was one hour earlier than my lesson starts, so i came home and sat on my bed listening to josh rouse. My life is so fun, right? The pictures above are just some quick shots my friend took of me when we were out on Sunday.
This is also a little off note, but i bought 500 days of summer on DVD a few days ago, every time i watch it i can't help but fall in love with Zooey Deschanel, even if she is a bitch in the film.

Have a fun Tuesday, i know i will with 5 hours of school! ;[

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