31 January 2010

blue blue wall

Incase you couldn't tell, I'm not that great at writing posts on my blog, and i think people mainly come for the pictures anyway. I mean its not like i have a super interesting life to write about. So from now on i am thinking that this blog will mainly become a place for me to post the usual outfits, music and other things i find interesting. Most of the time i read over my own posts and don't even like them myself. So i will most likely be letting my pictures do the talking from now on. 
So this is what i wore today, pretty simple and most of the day i just sat on my window sill reading this book:

I also took the above pictures and updated a few of my websites, it kind of felt like a lazy sunday. The good type of lazy sundays though!


  1. love the pants!


  2. With a light mocha trench coat, that outfit will look amazing for a spring twist. the shorts have a burberry brand feel to them. Let me know what the book is like; my read of the year so far is 'the gargoyle' by andrew davidson, incase you ever come across it!