26 November 2009

October/November Film

All photographs taken using olympusOM10.

I have currently run out of films, so i guess i will have to ask santa for some! :] I'm sorry the quality of my post's has gone downwards lately, i know almost every blogger says it, but "I have been busy!"- its true. Also from santa i think i am going to get a imac, my very first and best you can get.27" seems a little crazy but i dont care, i know if i get the 21.5" i will always have that regret that i didnt buy the 27". I read somewhere that when you buy a mac, you never want to even use a pc again, but i guess i will let you all know. I also have some other pictures from this film i might upload at a later date. Enjoy!

Ps. can you believe its less than a month till christmas? It only feels like yesterday i was planting my sunflower seeds!

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