28 November 2009


This is what i wore yesterday after i fineshed school for the weekend, the tshirt was supposed to be for christmas but i couldnt resist, naughty me. You can find the picture on lookbook here.

Incase you were wondering what is sewn onto the cardigan by my heart, heres a close up.

One day when i went into town with my friends we found this amazing button shop which sold the cutest buttons ever! I found these cute little school themed ones. At first i didnt know what to do with them but then i had the idea to sew them onto my plain black cardigan, so i did! The best thing is each button cost something like 10pence. sooo good. What can i say, im a nerd at heart :B haha!.


  1. Your blog is cute and I think you're a snappy dresser. XO


  2. Accesoires is so funny. I love the shirt <3!!!

  3. haha these are cute :)
    kinda reminds me of ralph lauren.anyway love your blog and your lookbook :)

  4. I like your blog!

    Can't believe you're just 16!!

  5. hei nice blog, your style is cute..
    visit my blog if you want.. and leave a comment

  6. I saw you on lookbook, you're adorable.

  7. I love your lookbook and that shirt is très élégant!