5 October 2009

And I'm certainly less important than your eBay auction

I would say sorry that i haven't posted in a while, but theres nobody to say sorry too... So today im going to get my haircut today and i dont know what i want it like. I like to be spontaneous so i guess i will pick on the spot. I bet your likeee WTF at the title, its a lyric from me new fave song! Baby - Sliimy, you should be really take a listen and listen to his new album "paint your face" sooooo good! IM ALSO LOVING THAT TAYLOR SWIFT & BOYS LIKE GIRLS SONG. ummm, i gave up on typing formally like 4 posts ago, seriously i hate reading blogs which are like "i did this, i ate this, i took a picture" i want it to be like "OH MAN, I ATE THIS DELICIOUS CUPCAKE AND THEN I THREW IT UP OVER MY DOG". I scuffed those boots the first time i wore them FML. My new fave font is georgia, how can you not love it! I mean times new roman died with micheal jackson, no offence. Im bored and i dont have really much else to say apart from i should do more homework. Should i be a capital like "I" or just "i", it looks weird all small and upcapital. Im listening to souljaboy, kiss me thru the phone. PS since when do geisha's use phones? I just heard about that movie the stepfather, looks kind of cool and would be interesting to see Penn Badgley in a movie role instead of in gossip girl. I really want to see zombieland, i want to see alot of movies, woops.


  1. great update! keep em' coming :)

  2. So i just thought id say that the randomeness of your post kinda made my day
    thank you