16 September 2009

Perfect Night IN.

Ok, so i dont care who knows.
So, of course when i saw the latest issuse of POP with her on the cover, i just had to buy it! When i was 13 i dont even think i knew fashion magazines exsisted, let alone being on the cover of one. TAVI IS DA BOMB. So what i mean by the title is that tonight i decided to have a night in complete with dirty dancing(rip patrick) POP & LOVE and jesus' blood. aka frijj. So heres what i did tonight, because everyone knows pictures are 500 times funner than words. 
i love windows, i love it when it crashes and my screen turns totally white and my patrick wolf is skipping for about 15 minutes, then i lose all my work. thanks microsoft!
& heres a picture that i forgot to upload with the last post, from my film camera again!


  1. I bought that because I saw Tavi too! shes so cool :') I want any kids I have to be like her :)That sounds like a perfect night (L)