6 September 2009

never verticle.

Today I am having a lazy day just staying in and tonight I am going to have a takeaway and watch a movie. Yesterday I went into town and bought a few things for this "geek" themed party in going to next week. I then went home and took some pictures, you can see one above and i've got a few more I might post another time. I really need something to write about or to do so if anyone could help me please! Oh and I bought the new LOVE magazine & i think its even better than the first issue.

Listen to: Calvin Harris-Flashback

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  1. My Gawd, you really are a good fotographer, love your picture of the first post, and your uniform just makes you look so cute :) Also the profile picture has a great wardrobe.

    What to write about? I say you write what ever you feel like, it´s your blog, hehe, if you want people to read you, you should only be yourself, and about what to do? just do that which makes you happy, take a picture and show it to all of us, there are a lot of boys your age you could talk to and get better ideas of what to do, but if you want I always have spare time for anyone if you want to talk ;)