1 September 2009

i can play air guitar!

Self Made T-Shirt. BGD Jeans. Vintage Pointy Shoes.
Here are some pictures i took today so i could show you what i was wearing. The tshirt i made thanks to the lovely tutorial over at childhoodflames ! The shirt takes about 4-5hours to make and its super simple and actually it kept me entertained when i had nothing else to do. Tomorrow i am going to see 500 Days Of Summer & do some shopping with a my friend Danielle. I have been looking forward to seeing the movie for a while now, and i really hope it lives up to my expectations. On friday i start back to school, and it has come back around so quickly. It feels like I've hardly had a summer this year because the weather has been so bad. I uploaded a new lookbook picture today. Its the same outfit as in the picture above but with different pictures. Hope you like it!


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  2. its really amazing!! i want to have one like yours!! but i still dont know how to do it!!
    really like your looks <3

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    ly (L)

  4. I ADD your Blog on mine! Because it's very amazing! Love that ♥ Good continuation :) It's possible u take the tutorial for me please!?! Xoxo