13 September 2009

Busy Week

This week has been my first week at school so I've been really busy trying to sort of subjects and the work has already started drowning me! Then on Friday i got called for a job interview, i got the job. Pretty pleased since it was my first ever job interview! GO ME, GO ME. Then i went to a geek themed party, which was really not a good idea seeing as i started work the next day. woooopppssieeee.
THEN, i had my first day of work. THEN on sunday i did more school work and made this video with Danielle! First time trying something like this and windows movie maker was being ubershitty, but oh well. :]


  1. Glad you have a good time, and I like your profile better now :) Hope you keep up with the posting, so I can keep up reading

    Oooh, and congratulations on your new job.


  2. She is so pretty.. I enjoyed the video!