27 September 2009


The above photos were taken a few weeks ago. The whole film on the whole came out very badly, but i guess these two fabbbulous pictures make up for it. The model in the pictures if my best friend Danielle. I was trying something different with the bottom picture where i opened the back of my camera and exposed the film to the sunlight. I guess it turned out kind of cool and i love the orange glow the bottom picture has. Also im currently looking for more people to take pictures of, anyone interested? :]

PS for those who asked before, i use a Olympus OM-10 to take my film pictures, and heres what it looks like:



  1. Oh, another one w/an good oldfashioned camera. :-) These still make the best pics, right? I have a Minolta X500. Propz Pilgrim

  2. love the pics!!and your camera is nicee
    take pics of me!!haha joking

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog and looove the photos! I live in South Carolina, and if you were near, I'd love to get pictures taken like the ones above. You can find me at jldornse @ coastal.edu