16 August 2017


Anti You Bomber - River Island // Biker Jeans - New Look // Oversized Hoodie - New Look //
SK8 Hi - Vans // Matrix Glasses - Vintage // Padlock Necklace - DIY

While looking upon this blog I realised I haven't posted anything in a long time, but alas I am still alive! This blog has been my little corner of the internet to share my outfits and travels for the last 8 years and I have never forgotten about it. However within the last year my creative efforts were mainly produced in video form as I myself find video content a lot more captivating. I have a very active youtube account where I post regularly and you can subscribe HERE. It's very much an extension of this blog, and focuses again on Fashion, Lifestyle and Art.

It's been well over a year since my last blog post however and while I could blame it upon my schedule, mental health or just sheer laziness I think the honest truth is I fell in love with my soulmate and spend a huge chuck of last year travelling together around Europe and time kind of ran away from me. While I missed blogging I think it was important to take time to myself in the purest and healthiest relationship I have ever been in. It also made me realise that I do want to continue sharing and inspiring people, in the same way that I myself am inspired by fellow online creatives.

Lets avoid the sappiness though and keep it simple, 
I'm back bitches.

15 February 2016


One of my many new years resolutions, along with everyone else's, was to be more active. Having giving this a good go by investing in an smart fitness tracker watch and walking up the tallest mountain in the Southern UK for charity already this year, I felt it was time to take the next step and invest in some real outdoor gear.

Thankfully Palladium came to my rescue and sent me this pair of reflective boots which are perfect for literally any weather condition. With their thick rubber soles and coated nylon upper they are light and waterproof and not to mention they look a thousand times nicer than the typical outdoor boots you see within specialist shops.

These have already become a staple in my wardrobe and just seeing them reminds me to put them on and get outside and be more active. No doubt these will also get a really good use when I go to the remote highlands in Scotland later this year for a rural escape with some family. The boots can also be worn in two different ways as show below which makes them versatile for any type of outfit, fashion or active.

27 January 2016


Only very few things come before my sleep, but as soon as Rihanna posted on her instagram that these beautiful shoes were dropping in the middle of the night, I knew a sleepless night was in store. 

As everyone seems to be copping the black and oatmeal colour-way I thought I would be a little different with my choice and go for the dusty pink colour, which are surprisingly easy to work into my minimal wardrobe. That wasn't the only reason as I have a major feeling pastel and muted tones are going to be seeping into my colour palette of choice over the next few months.

29 October 2015



To celebrate my Youtube Channel reaching 200k views (see: crazy, insane, thank you!!!) I thought I would host my first ever giveaway! Swig Flasks and Myself have teamed up to offer you guys a one of a kind engraved Naked Hip Flask (worth just under $100)! I was extremely tempted to keep this for myself but want to give something back to you guys who listen to me ramble about clothes and the how obsessed I am with the X-Files on various social medias.

I thought this flask would be perfect for anyone. You wanna be sad and pretend to be Lana Del Rey by the beach with some peach schnapps? Use this flask! You want to give your uncle who is almost impossible to buy a christmas present for, the best gift ever? This flask! You want to brag on Instagram about your amazing new flask? Well use this to make every jealous, duh.

The rules are super simple, all you need to do is;
  • Subscribe to my Youtube
  • Follow me on Instagram
  • Then provide me with your usernames in the widget below so I know who you are!

That's literally it! It takes about 10 seconds to enter so why not? The giveaway ends at the end of November, so the winner will receive the prize before christmas. The flask comes in a lovely gift box, has a unqiue engraving on the back and also has a unique access code for a members only area on the website. The flask is made and designed in London and would make an amazing christmas gift or just an amazing gift to yourself! 

Enter Here;

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE: Congratulations to Joshua from Germany who has won the flask and hopefully I will have another giveaway coming in the near future for you all!

25 July 2015


Double Ring Necklace - Cheap Monday // Frame Wire Face Tee - Ichiban // Neoprene Stripe Joggers - Zara // White Leather Sneakers - Zara // White Watch - Casio // Leather Backpack - New Look

Despite being a monochrome sort of boy, which I try to reflect in the photography on my blog, I couldn't resist uploading some pictures of when I visited this hidden little gem called Plantasia this week. Disregarding the rather embarrassing name it actually was full of some beautiful plant and animal life, including avocado trees and even endangered monkeys. I took hundreds of photos but I thought I would save you all the up close pictures of giant cockroaches as my face is probably scary enough for you guys haha.

Something I've been experimenting with recently is the concept of not wearing black skinny jeans everyday *puts hands to face and screams in horror at the concept*. No, but seriously for a boy who may as well have skinny jeans super glued to his legs for the past few years the thought of wearing anything else would have thrown me into a meltdown in the past. These neoprene Zara joggers however are kind of amazing and with the monochrome stripe detail and slightly cropped length they have actually been pretty easy to build outfits around. 

Not like you can tell via my lack of tan in any of these photos but I spent 10 days in Ibiza last month and lets just say, every thing you have ever heard about it being the most insane party island in the world is 110% true. At least I can check coming home from a night out at 8am off my non-existent bucket list I guess.

Oh and if you wonder what else I have been doing in between blog posts I update my Instagram and Youtube a lot more frequently!