22 March 2015


Tom Lipop X River Island Shirt // Iridescent Watch- Kenzo // Raw Edge White Tee - Topman // Wax Coated Jeans - Topman

Last weekend marked the start of 'Art Across The City' in Swansea, which I visited last year and saw the amazing Jeremy Deller piece which fortunately still exists. This year they added a few new temporary pieces which exist for the next 10 weeks, including a limited edition 'Joes' ice cream flavour (I mean coolest art piece ever?)

My friend Owain and I visited and had an amazing time which included eating food on the beach front, finding this amazing photo-spot in the Civic Centre and even soaking in some run rays while exploring the city and finding all the hidden art.

PS. Haircut C/O me and my mum drinking 3 bottles of aldi rosé and then thinking it would be a good idea to shave my head.

1 February 2015


Wide Brim Fedora - New Look // Poncho Cape - Topman // Super Spray Denim - Topman // Cut Out Boots - River Island 

22 December 2014


The sun was setting and my and my boo decided to take some photos.
As I upload this I am about to do my 9th night shift working retail over the christmas break, so that explains the lack of posts and general lack of internet persona that has existed all December.

Regular outfit posts and drunk tweets to return 2015.

3 December 2014

November Soundtrack

Back when I first ever started this blog my most popular posts were my monthly "What I've Been Listening To". As surrounding myself with music and pretending I am in a Sofia Coppola/Nicolas Winding Refn film have remained constants since the birth of this blog, I have decided to revive this monthly feature, and above is my first ~born again~ playlist post.

This particular playlist is inspired by the feeling you get when you walk home from a friends house/pub in early hours of the morning with numb tingling fingers. Only when you do finally get home you end up lying on your bed and staring at the ceiling instead of sleeping.

Sorry for the slightly apathetic description of this soundtrack. Winter has set in and I am currently reading Morrisey's Autobiography, both reasons combined could probably make Barney the dinosaur cry.

9 November 2014


Leather Jacket - H&M // Scarf - Primark // Black Roll Neck - Topman // Silver Ring Necklace - Topman // Super Spray Jeans - Topman // Pony Hair Boots - River Island

So this week has been a blur of being a retail slave and staying in bed reading Lena Dunham's new book, the latter of which has been responsible for many angry texts from my parents telling me I have been laughing too loud in the early hours of the morning. Shoutout to Lena for being a total babe and for now making me worry about getting laugh lines (yes, she is literally that funny).

I've also provided links to the items, that are still for sale, which I'm wearing in the photos. I hope this helps people as I know I myself love it when the author of a blog provides a link and saves me the usually fruitless google search. 

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed/cares but my blog has had a few little changes over the last few days and will be under-going a few more over the next week or so, so stay tuned and lets ride out the technical difficulties together.